Science and the Shroud of Turin

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The Shroud Of Turin

During this Easter season, we rejoice in our faith with even greater confidence than normal. The Lord is truly risen! But many skeptics wonder whether this is a historical fact or a legend of religion. What evidence is there?

In addition to the empty tomb, the profound testimony of the apostles and disciples who appeared to the Lord points to the truth of his Resurrection. They preached about it everywhere and their witness was recorded in Sacred Scripture. Moreover, of their extreme devotion and martyrdom, we know their testimony is trustworthy.

But to help curb any remaining doubt, and to remind us, believers, throughout the millennia that Jesus really is human, God has given us the Shroud of Turin. Since as early as 500 AD, the Shroud has been believed by many to be the linen burial cloth Jesus was wrapped in.

In 1898, Secundo Pia took a photograph of the Shroud and when he was developing the picture he discovered that what appeared as faint brown marks figuring a man could be seen in clear detail in photo-negative. The Shroud undoubtedly has the image of a man on it, but how do we know it is Jesus?

The most glaring point is that given the blood marks, the man died from crucifixion, has a significant wound on the side, and was scourged severely. Moreover, the blood type is AB which matches all known Eucharistic miracles.

What is also amazing about the Shroud of Turin is that it seems impossible to fully replicate with paint, especially centuries ago. The way the image is on the fibers is as if it is scorched from extremely bright light or thermo-nuclear radiation. It’s as if at the moment of the resurrection Jesus radiated immensely bright light!…

What about the time and location of the cloth? The pollen and cotton fibers indicate the cloth comes from the Middle East. Moreover, on one eyelid there can faintly be seen four letters that correspond to the coins used in AD 29 and the ancient Jewish tradition of keeping the eyelids closed with coins.

The biggest controversy surrounds the carbon dating of the cloth, but many scientists have given incredibly sound counter-arguments to claims the cloth comes from the 14th century. For more details, check out this article here.

As amazing as the science is behind the Shroud, the message is far simpler and more beautiful. Jesus of Nazareth really was crucified and rose from the dead! He is real! He is human! And he is alive today!

“This Jesus God raised up, and that we all are witnesses. Being, therefore, exalted at the right hand of God, and having received from the Father the promise of the Holy Spirit, he has poured out this which you see and hear.” – Acts 2:32-33

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