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Spiritual Temptation

Where does spiritual temptation come from? We’ve all been there, you’ve had a large meal and plenty of sweets, but there is an extra piece of dessert that just looks so good. After a quiet evening, you now suddenly find within yourself a great tension. You know you shouldn’t eat the dessert but you simply

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St. Angela Merici (Feast June 1)

Foundress of the Ursulines, born 21 March, 1474, at Desenzano, a small town on the southwestern shore of Lake Garda in Lombardy; died 27 January, 1540, at Brescia. She was left an orphan at the age of ten and together with her elder sister came to the home of her uncle at the neighbouring town

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St. Augustine of Cantebury (Feast May 28)

First Archbishop of Canterbury, Apostle of the English; date of birth unknown; d. 26 May, 604. Symbols: cope, pallium, and mitre as Bishop of Canterbury, and pastoral staff and gospels as missionary. Nothing is known of his youth except that he was probably a Roman of the better class, and that early in life he

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Salvation with the Scapular

Salvation with the Scapular In 1251 Our Lady appeared to the Carmelite, St. Simon Stock. She promised him, “This shall be a privilege for you and all Carmelites, that anyone dying in this habit [Scapular] shall not suffer eternal fire.” Woah! What a great promise and comfort lie in this simple devotion! But how does

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Angels Watching Over Us

Angels Watching Over Us The Guardian Angel prayer is one of the most beloved and well-known prayers in our Catholic faith. The short prayer reminds us of God’s love and of how He and His angels are watching over us. But what is an angel and more specifically, what is a guardian angel? We see

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Saint Pascal Baylon

Saint Pascal Baylon was born at Torre-Hermosa, in the Kingdom of Aragon, 24 May 1540, on the Feast of Pentecost, called in Spain “the Pasch of the Holy Ghost”, whence the name Pascal; died at Villa Reale, 15 May 1592, on Whitsunday. His parents, Martin Baylon and Elizabeth Jubera, were virtuous peasants.The child began very

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Spiritual “Leg Day”

Why Should You Love Praying The Rosary? The Rosary was once described as our spiritual leg day. Most of us don’t enjoy exercising our lower body but our leg muscles are incredibly strong and important. But is this how the Rosary should be? There is something to say about the devotion it takes to pray

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Science and the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud Of Turin During this Easter season, we rejoice in our faith with even greater confidence than normal. The Lord is truly risen! But many skeptics wonder whether this is a historical fact or a legend of religion. What evidence is there? In addition to the empty tomb, the profound testimony of the apostles

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