Saint Pascal Baylon

Saint Pascal Baylon was born at Torre-Hermosa, in the Kingdom of Aragon, 24 May 1540, on the Feast of Pentecost, called in Spain “the Pasch of the Holy Ghost”, whence the name Pascal; died at Villa Reale, 15 May 1592, on Whitsunday. His parents, Martin Baylon and Elizabeth Jubera, were virtuous peasants.The child began very […]

Spiritual “Leg Day”

Why Should You Love Praying The Rosary? The Rosary was once described as our spiritual leg day. Most of us don’t enjoy exercising our lower body but our leg muscles are incredibly strong and important. But is this how the Rosary should be? There is something to say about the devotion it takes to pray […]

Science and the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud Of Turin During this Easter season, we rejoice in our faith with even greater confidence than normal. The Lord is truly risen! But many skeptics wonder whether this is a historical fact or a legend of religion. What evidence is there? In addition to the empty tomb, the profound testimony of the apostles […]

The Joy of Heaven

Ever since we were kids we wondered what Heaven would be like. We fantasized about pools and popsicles, sunshine, and endlessly long meadows. Who doesn’t enjoy dreaming of a place of paradise? But what exactly will Heaven be like? Of course, as St. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 2, Heaven is quite literally better […]

Patron of Cancer

A few days ago (May 1), we celebrated St. Peregrine Laziosi, a 13th-century saint who is most well known for two miracles he experienced in his life: one spiritual and one physical. When St. Peregrine was a young man he was a member of an anti-papal party. So great was his zeal that on one […]

From Sheep To Shepherds

From Sheep to Shepherds One of the great wonders of God is His incredible ability and desire to transform men and women from shame to exaltation, from mediocrity to greatness, from sinners to saints. The Lord is constantly guiding all of us in this process, but He does this in a unique way for the […]

Newsletter – April 2022

Note from Our Founder Download the PDF of the newsletter. Christ is Risen! Blessed Easter! Ever since our last newsletter in January, there has been so much phenomenal growth for the Reign of Mary. The biggest thing to report is that we have over 500 people in the US making their consecration with us on […]