Newsletter – April 2022

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Note from Our Founder

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Christ is Risen! Blessed Easter!

Ever since our last newsletter in January, there has been so much phenomenal growth for the Reign of Mary.

The biggest thing to report is that we have over 500 people in the US making their consecration with us on May 13, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima. There are also over 200 people in the Philippines, spanning the four islands of Cebu, Leyte, Bohol, and Bukidnon.

It all started with just the Wendt and Castro family and has grown to be a worldwide annual tradition.

In my mind, this is the highest claim to the Reign of Mary. “When a soul consecrates him or herself to Our Lady, they become Her voluntary slaves” (St. Louis de Montfort). This means that She has dominion over that soul and thus Her reign extends further.

Bishop Schneider has a special gift for those of you who are making the Consecration this year with the Confraternity. To get your gift, all you have to do is email us – – and let us know that you have made the Consecration and we will add you to the list and also give you a beautiful certificate.

One of the things that have allowed us to expand the Consecration in the Philippines is the book “True Devotion” from Tan Publishers translated into Cebuano, a dominant language in the Philippines. Many people over 25 prefer that over the English books, so a new group of people now have access to the prayers and have added their names to those that will make the Consecration.

I am also teaching a short course over Zoom on True Devotion by St. Louis de Montfort, to some seminarians on the island of Leyte. It is a great joy for me to help form these young seminarians in the true devotion to Our Lady. Each of them, when they become priests, will impact at least tens of thousands of people. I know that as I teach this course to the seminarians, I work to undo the assault on priests that Satan began immediately after Vatican Council II – the assault that Our Lady has warned us about – the apostasy inside the Church. In my mind, it is a strategic move that will help millions of Filipinos come in contact with the message of who Our Lady really is as the Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix and what true devotion and the message of Our Lady of Fatima is. Though that is not to detract in any way, from their exemplary love for Mama Mary. They really teach the whole world how to love Her best.

The second great thing is that now since the pope has done the Consecration in an explicit manner as Our Lady requested, His Excellency Bishop Schneider has composed a new prayer for us to pray as our fifth commitment. The prayer really asks for the quick coming of the Reign of Mary that will happen as a fruit of penance, reparation – especially the Five First Saturdays – a right celebration of the Holy Mass, an authentic living of the Gospel, and most importantly a universal devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

You are, of course, free to print the prayer and you can also order copies here –

Third, catechesis is a key component of what we do to properly form Catholics for the Reign of Mary. His Excellency Bishop Cantillas has blessed and approved our efforts to translate and publish a Cebuano version of the famous book My Catholic Faith. He actually knew Bishop Morrow and met him when he was on his death bed. Remarkable story. When the time is right and the work of translation is done (hopefully by the end of this year), we will be able to get it to the thousands of Cebuano/Bisaya speakers through the Visayas and Mindanao. Our team met with him personally in Leyte in March and we are blessed to be working together with him in the apostolate.

Finally, we continued giving Rosaries to children in the Philippines and had a beautiful celebration of the Annunciation on March 25th.

I pray that you and your family all have a blessed Easter.

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Christopher Wendt

International Director of the Confraternity


True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

On April tenth, the Confraternity family began their 33-day journey to consecrate themselves entirely to Our Blessed Mother. As of yet, there are over five hundred members of the Confraternity who have decided to participate, and that’s just in the US. We have been taking requests to join via email and here are a few that show how the Consecration was welcomed with opened arms from members of the Confraternity:

“Hello! Thank you for sending such a desired message! Please place my name on the list. It is my sincerest desire to join all of you! I will need the prayers needed for this journey together. Always in Christ🌹”

“Thank you so much for sending; I so want to complete the consecration. Would you be so kind as to pray for me; I’ve been recently diagnosed with an abnormality of blood vessel(s) in my brain and I’m at high risk of stroke (I have a neurosurgeon appt next Tuesday). I want to be well enough to complete the consecration to Our Blessed Mother. I sincerely thank you at this time for sending the prayers to me.”

“I received an invitation to make the Consecration to Our Lady. I will begin the 33-day preparation on April 10th. I have chosen to do the Consecration to Mary.”

“Good evening, Many thanks for your invitation to consecrate to Our Lady. I am writing to inform you that I accept the invitation and with a joyful heart will Consecrate myself to Our Lady and invite my husband and children to do the same. Thank you again.”

It was very moving for us to see how many wanted to join in the Consecration! It was especially encouraging to find that not only adults have agreed to join us but also children. Entire families have come together every day to pray the beautiful prayers written by St. Louis De Montfort, growing stronger in their faith and encouraging one another.

For those who have not signed up but would still like to participate, it is not too late to join! Please email us at, give us your name, phone number, and email so we can tell you of future dates to make your consecration and get the materials you need to do so!

“He wishes to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart in the world. I promise salvation to those who embrace it; and these souls will be beloved of God like flowers arranged by me to adorn His throne.” — Our Lady of Fatima.


New Prayer for the Members of the Confraternity

Now since the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary has been completed, you may be wondering: what prayer should we pray now?

Bishop Schneider quickly answered that by writing a new prayer titled, “Prayer for the Hastening of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

Now, to fulfill the fifth commitment of being a member of the Confraternity, you can pray this holy prayer every day. What a beautiful prayer it is and I’m not the only one who thinks so:

“I just wanted to thank you and those with you for your emails. Since my family joined the Confraternity of our Lady of Fatima, we are truly blessed with the proper Consecration given to her! Thank you for providing us with this new prayer card. May we not fret as the days may seem darker, but continue to hope in our Blessed Mother who leads us to her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. My prayers continue to be with you all and with His Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider.”












The mission of the Confraternity is to bring about the Reign of Mary as quickly as possible, so know that you are working towards this is you pray this prayer and live out the call of Our Lady of Fatima.


Five First Saturdays

“I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays.” — Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima has asked us to fulfill the Five First Saturdays in reparation for the blasphemies and offenses against her. We encourage all of you to commit to five first Saturdays to make amends for the many sins against her Immaculate Heart.

The Five First Saturdays consist of four simple steps,

  1. Going to Confession
  2. Receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion
  3. Reciting five decades of the Rosary
  4. Meditating for 15 minutes on the mysteries of the Rosary

Please join us for just five consecutive first Saturdays to make reparation for all the terrible sins that sadden Our Lady and pierce her Immaculate Heart. You are needed!

If you have any questions about the Five First Saturdays, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Updates on the Philippine Apostolate

These are some photos of our apostolate activities in Bukidnon. Since August 2021, we’ve been gathering these lovely kids at St. Catalina’s chapel to teach them about Mama Mary and how to pray the rosary. This event drew 60 kids, who normally attend the gathering. After handing each of them a rosary and a guide, we help ensure that the kids could all make the sign of the cross.

We also held a catechism session for the children, where we taught them about the Faith. We then planned additional activities for them, such as showing godly movies, playing games, and having a Q&A session, and we awarded them with chocolates and candies for their efforts. After the activities, we served them food that we had prepared for them for lunch, like Jollibee, Donuts, and other food that they enjoyed.

The Digital Marketing Apostolate of Bishop Schneider

Since our last newsletter, there have been three more very informative, very inspiring broadcasts. Bishop Schneider gave us his precious time to teach and encourage us to become better and holier Catholics. The most recent broadcast (on April 13th) went over Article 10 from the Creed – “the remission of sins.” I highly suggest you watch this one! If you missed these last broadcasts you can find them on our Youtube channel or Facebook page. You can also find them on Bishop Schneider’s website,




Upcoming Events

On May 13th, we will be having another Q&A Broadcast! We will do our best to answer as many of your questions as possible. There have been numerous questions already on the Pope’s consecration of Russia, asking if it was done the way Our Lady wanted. Many of you are asking questions about the persecution of the Carmelite sisters in Fairfield, PA. We promise that we will try to get as many as we can in the May broadcast. Bishop Schneider will also lead those making the Consecration to Mary in the words of the promise. You won’t want to miss it!


How To Become A Member

Becoming a member of the Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima is very easy. All you have to do is to read the following statement and agree (not under the pain of sin) to try to fulfill the following obligations listed below to the best of your ability:

I ___________________ now join the Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima and promise to the best of my ability and not under the pain of any sin to observe the following prayers and good works:

1. Confession once per month2. Daily Rosary (5 decades)

2. Daily Rosary (5 decades)

3. One daily act of simple penance

4. Wear the Scapular

5. Pray the Prayer for the Hastening of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary every day.

The Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima is a worldwide family of Catholics who is dedicated to bringing about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary as soon as possible. They are dedicated to spending the rest of their lives living out the call of Our Lady of Fatima and doing penance for poor sinners and reparation to Her Immaculate Heart.


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