December Q&A With Bishop Schneider

 The Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima hosted a question and answer session with his Excellency, Bishop Athanasius Schneider as the guest. It was aired online via Facebook live on December 13, 2020, at 9:00 – 10:15 PM EST. Dr. Michael Sirilla and Christopher Wendt the International Director of the Confraternity of Our Lady […]

Q5-Is it permissible to pray the Rosary during Holy Mass?

  Bishop Athanasius Schneider: So many saints prayed the Rosary during Holy Mass, because what is the Rosary? The Rosary is the contemplation of the life, the death, and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. And all of this is happening in the mysteries and the sacrament during Holy Mass. Holy Mass contains, in […]

Q3-Do I fulfill my Sunday Obligation by going to the Society of Pius X?

  Bishop Athanasius Schneider: I have to say it’s truly not a sin to go to Holy Mass celebrated by a priest from the Society of Pius X. It’s truly not. And of course, you fulfill your Sunday Obligation. There is a document from Ecclesia Dei, from a couple of years ago, where the answer […]